Ruben J. Davila (he/him) is a Chicano filmmaker and visual artist based in Chicago, Illinois.

Davila’s visual art practice collages archival footage from a vast swath of analog/digital sources into meditative and cerebral images which evoke Latin American spiritualism and iconography. His work has been showcased in contemporary art exhibitions and as live visuals accompanying music and performance art.  

Davila’s filmmaking practice captures narratives of the American working class, immigrant communities, and the dialogues of the marginalized. His short-form work aims to explore the intersection of identity and alienation of communities living precariously in the American Midwest.  

A narrative short-film centered around a small-town heist and the theft of an immigrant communities money-transfers. As the Covid-19 pandemic nears; the once desperate theif grapples with the reverberations of his actions as a greater threat looms over his community.  

    Written & Directed: Ruben J. Davila
  • Assistant Director: Rene Vessi
  • Cinematography: Pedro Torres Leon
  • First AC: Brandon Hinsley
  • Sound Design: Dominic Marino
  • Original Score by: 
  • Dominic Marino & Justin Eberhardt
  • Runtime: 15:04