Ruben J. Davila (he/him) is a Chicano filmmaker and visual artist based in Chicago, Illinois.

He received his BA in Cinema Arts and Science from Columbia College Chicago in May 2022.

Working primarily in found-footage assemblage; Davila’s visual art practice is a sculptural approach to reinterpreting archival footage from a vast swath of sources into meditative, cerebral, and often surreal collages which evoke Latin American spiritualism and iconography. His most recent exhibition, “Sign of Cipactli” (2023), is currently on view at the Elastic Arts Visual Gallery in Chicago, IL.

Davila’s filmmaking practice aims to capture narratives of the American working class, immigrant communities, and the dialogues of the marginalized via a socialist realist approach. Informed by his own experience as a first generation Chicano born and raised in Northwest Indiana, his work aims to explore the intersection of citizenship and alienation of communities living precariously in the American Midwest.